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Give your frame a new coat of paint!

With Spray.Bike you can give your aging bike frame a new look. Find your favorite color from over 50 colors and create something completely your own!

The perfect complement to the Spray.Bike colors: SportPens!

SportPens are highly pigmented colored pens that were specifically developed for use on solid surfaces, especially sports equipment.

The removable 2mm nylon spring has a rounded end that creates a perfectly even line on straight or curved surfaces.

The colors have high coverage and are water and weather resistant. They were developed by the experts who are also responsible for the entire Spray.Bike collection.

To the SportPens

Spray.Bike – The DIY bicycle paint spray

No drips, no paint noses, no bubbles! The acrylic coating we developed is – unlike conventional metal or car paint – perfect for steel, aluminum and carbon parts.

Spray.Bike is a matte dry powder coating that does not drip, leak or bubble. It creates a strong layer in just one spray. Spray.Bike is super easy to use and perfect for repairing, servicing and refreshing your bike. Customizing your bike has never been so uncomplicated and affordable.

β€œCompared to traditional colored paints, it’s really awesome.”

Here you will find photos of the great Spray.Bike services and projects from people from all over the world.