January 13, 2016
The colour selection in particular leaves little to be desired: a total of 48 colours are available, including fluorescent colours.
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October 17, 2018
"In terms of a DIY custom paint-job I couldn't have asked for a better result. It is immensely satisfying and leaves you with a new bike day feeling. ... For a low-cost and fun solution, to bring and old frame back to life or even just to customize your existing ride I couldn't recommend it more and this isn't a paid promotion!"
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Review of Spray.Bike by GCN Tech @ Eurobike 2018

bike radar
29 January 2016
" I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to use, the consistency of the coverage and the quick drying time. It really is as simple as following the instructions on the tin. The matte finish is lovely, and I was impressed with the vibrancy of the fluro yellow. … we'd definitely recommend these to anyone, of any level, looking for a fun and easy way to add personality to their bike."
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April 12, 2016
" …anyone who has ever painted a frame understands how difficult it is to get every nook and cranny covered without overdoing it, and causing the paint to run. An acrylic based paint, Spray.Bike comes out in a powder-like form and dries to the touch almost instantly … This is what keeps it from running … Just a little prep time is needed, as the paint will stick to about any raw or painted surface"
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August 6, 2016
" What Spray.Bike now has is a complete ecosystem of preparation, paint and finishing products that lets you get close to professional results in your own garage for a fraction of the cost. ... Compared to normal spray paint, it's genius."
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30 October 2016
"I just loved the product! ... In a nutshell, brilliant."
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March 27, 2017
" Spray.Bike are getting even shinier for that deep glittery look. They've taken some inspiration from sparkly Keirin track bikes and developed a series of metallic do-it-yourself paints that are as easy to use as their solid colours, but now with deep glitter… It's all about that sparkle. The new Flake & Sunlight DIY paints really shine in sunlight, but are surprisingly low-key out of direct light. … The Sunlight is especially stealthy, almost disappearing on this black frame, while a bit of creatively masked green flake for the headtube badge is more visible. In ambient light it doesn't pop, but hit it with a direct light and Bam, colourful rainbow sparkles. … Each comes in a 200ml can, and is easy to apply from about 30cm/12″ away and in two coats for the best effect and depth. … We were pretty impressed with the original paints, now I'm just thinking what test bike I could return to its maker with a glittery top coat... "
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