The history of Spray.Bike

Spray.Bike is a product of the collaboration of these three companies:

Brick Lane Bikes – a large international bicycle manufacturer, retailer and wholesaler based in London

Vicious Cycles Athens – a young bike shop in the center of Athens, Greece

Cosmos Lac – a high-tech paint manufacturer based in Greece

 Spray.Bike was born out of dissatisfaction with existing products. Unless you are a seasoned professional, it is extremely difficult to use metal or automotive paint on your bike. Leaky noses and drips are not uncommon and make your life difficult. At the same time, professional powder coating can quickly have a big impact on your wallet.

At VCA we tried to salvage a scratched bicycle frame using traditional RAL spray. We were so disappointed with the results that we immediately picked up the phone and called the manufacturer – Cosmos Lac. “What properties should the color have?” was the answer.

After two very intensive years of development, we finally had the answer: Spray.Bike.

VCA and Cosmos Lac now sent a few spray cans to Brick Lane Bikes in London to ask for their much appreciated opinion. Already after the first test it was clear to them: We have to be there!

Since then, thousands of bike enthusiasts around the world have designed and perfected their bikes with Spray.Bike. Today you can get Spray.Bike in hundreds of bike shops and retailers in over 20 countries.

As a modern company with partners in different parts of Europe, Spray.Bike is a perfect combination of different strengths.

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