Cover and mask

Cover and mask
If you are working with masking techniques (e.g. masking tape) or stencils after priming, please always wait 20 minutes before applying a masking or stencil. This will ensure that the paint is dry enough and won't be pulled away when you remove it.
When masking, it can sometimes happen that paint lines form on the edges of the masking tape. Here too, please wait 20 minutes until you get an even color edge. Then let the paint dry for at least 2 hours and then polish the edges with a soft cloth.

Covering complicated parts and areas
Sometimes it can be difficult to cover up small or complicated areas (e.g. head badges). If plain masking tape cannot be used, there are alternatives. Thick grease can work very well as it acts as a barrier between the surface and the paint. We also experimented with margarine and even toothpaste and achieved great results.

Jetnikoff spray made to order from Squid Bikes
Torn tape. Chris creates a three-tone fade using Spray.Bike, masked with torn tape, then paints a two-tone fade topcoat.

Covering and Masking - Spray.Bike X Rise TV X VCA

Stencil and Masking Tape Removal - by Squid Bikes