Frame Builder's Metal Primer - 400ml

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Prep & Finish
Primers, undercoats, metal plating and finishing top-coats

Spray.Bike Frame Builder's Metal Primer - 400ml
The white acrylic primer offers an optimal, rust-protected primer for all Spray.Bike or other paint colours. Simply spray onto the cleaned metal frame, allow to dry and then paint with the desired colour.

  • colour: light
  • Spray distance: at least 20 cm
  • Perfect for aluminum, steel, stainless steel and titanium
  • Creates a strong adhesive base for Spray.Bike coloured paints
  • Recommended layers: at least 1
  • Drying time: 20 minutes
  • Works without any subsequent heat treatment
  • This primer can be used on steel frames as a modern alternative to Spray.Bike Cold-Zinc